The International Dublin Literary Award 2016 Longlist

The International Dublin Literary Award Longlist 2015 is one of the world's most prestigious book awards.

Book lovers everywhere will be pleased by the announcement of 160 books that have made the 2016 long list for the International Dublin Literary Award. The prestigious book award which in its 21st year is among the lengthiest in its already distinguished history. 53 titles which have been translated from other languages have been nominated

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Amazon’s New Bookstore

Amazon has opened a new bookstore called Amazon Books.

Amazon Books—like the surrounding mall—feels like it’s predicated on anxiety. Its very existence may be meant as an answer to anxieties within the company about a persistent inability to overcome the question of ‘discovery,’ both for Amazon Publishing titles and in general—the company remains dependent on consumers finding products they’re interested elsewhere and then buying

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Australian Lit Mag Launches Into Books

Writerful Books offers editing services to assist authors in the process of publishing their books.

Writer’s Edit, a Sydney-based literary magazine, has branched into the book industry and is earning them plenty of industry praise. Originally launched in July 2013 as a literary magazine featuring essays, writing prompts, author interviews and writing advice it went on to add publishing to its repertoire last year with Kindling, their annual anthology of

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Gender Disparity in Australian Book Reviews

Is there a gender gap in publishing?

The Stella Prize along with Books+Publishing, has released statistics showing the gender breakdown of reviews in the Sydney Review of Books and the Saturday Paper. The Stella Count ‘Redux’ focuses on ‘two new publications whose weekly book reviews generate much public interest’, and includes book reviews published in the Saturday Paper from 1 March to

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Mainstream Authors Turn to Self-Publishing

More and more traditionally published authors are turning to self-publishing.

Here’s how the indie success story typically goes: little-known new author puts out a book, which skyrockets in popularity in sales and eventually attracts a lucrative deal with a mainstream publisher. It’s a rags-to-riches sort of story that’s mostly re-told to encourage new writers to try out self-publishing for its ease and accessibility to readers.

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Richard Flanagan is New Professor of Literature

Australian author Richard Flanagan is inaugural Australian literature professor at Melbourne University.

Australian author of The Narrow Road to the Deep North which and winner of the 2014 Man Booker Prize has been named as inaugural Boisbouvier Founding Chair of Australian Literature at the University of Melbourne. Flanagan’s appointment at Melbourne University will be for five years. Its structure is reminiscent of Oxford’s poetry chair, which has customarily

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Amazon Sues Users of Fiverr Over Fake Reviews

Writerful Books do not charge to write books reviews on Amazon.

In April of this year, Amazon filed suit against the operators of websites that offered Amazon sellers the ability to purchase fake, four and five-star reviews of their products. Most of those websites have now been closed, and Amazon took action against the sellers involved. Now Amazon is continuing its crackdown on fake reviews by

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Amazon Policy Change to End Reviews on Free Kindle eBooks?

Amazon's policy change will affect reviews on free kindle ebooks.

Amazon has recently changed it’s policy which suggests it may be considering stopping people who download free kindle eBooks from being able to write reviews. This could potentially have repurcussions for self-published authors. If you are an indie author using free eBooks to get reviews it may be prudent to review these policy changes and possibly reconsider changing tactics. Amazon’s

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The Sins of the Author

Journalist Eamonn Duff at the launch of his book The Sins of the Father. Photo copyright of Fairfax Media.

Photo courtesy of Fairfax Media In one of Australia’s most highly publicised drug cases, Schapelle Corby was convicted of smuggling marijuana on a flight to Bali in 2004 and was sentenced to 20 years in prison. She was released on parole in February 2014 but so far must remain in Bali, according to Indonesian law.

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Technology’s Impact on Publishing

Technology is changing the face of the book publishing industry according to a new study from Australia.

An Australian first study of Australian authors highlights the dramatic and profound impact that technology is having on authors and the publishing industry. Technology has opened up significant opportunities for self-publishing with the study showing that 84 per cent of fiction authors are changing the way their work is published or distributed. Technology is impacting

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Independent Authors Dominate eBook Market

eBooks on various eBook reading devices.

Independent authors and Amazon-imprint authors sell more eBooks per day than the traditional publishers combined which is the uncomfortable truth that most industry observers, and those in the Big Five publishers, find it hard to swallow. Publishing industry statistics from Nielsen, Bowker, et al who all rely purely on counting ISBNs are completely blind to this fact because

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Fake Book Reviews Undermine Amazon Ratings

Writerful Books do not charge to write books reviews on Amazon.

‘Professional review writers’ are being paid to write five-star reports to push certain books to the top of bestseller lists according to a recent news report from the UK. The report also suggests that a ghost-written eBook which was riddled with errors got to the top of the bestseller list for $56 (USD$86 or AUD$116)

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Books Like…

Searching for books like Gone Girl or books like The Martian? Writerful Books will be adding personal recommendations of books we like.

Have you finished an amazing book recently and are looking for books like the one you just read? As avid readers we know all about searching for new books. Rather than wading through a lot of crowd-sourced books from people who are looking up books like Gone Girl or books like The Martian we thought

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Why A Librarian Banned a Book

In a library access to information and books is human right so why ban books?

Since 1982, over 11,000 books have been requested to be banned from schools or libraries.. Photo by Kevin Harber In the library world, access to information is a human right, not to be tampered with or controlled in any way. The books that line the shelves have been carefully selected by a trained librarian to

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Jasper Jones to Become a Movie

Jasper Jones is a novel written by Craig Silvey and published by Allen & Unwin.

Update: Australian-British film and stage actor Hugo Weaving who starred in movies such as The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Little Fish, The Matrix, V for Vendetta has been cast in Jasper Jones, set to commence principal photography on 26th October in Western Australia. Jasper Jones the 2009 novel written by

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The Future of Books is Unwritten

The future of digital and print books is uncertain. Photo shows Man Booker prize winner and innovative Hungarian writer László Krasznahorkai.

Man Booker prize winner László Krasznahorkai. Courtesy of Flavorwire. News from the Association of American Publishers that digital sales have dropped by ten percent in the first five months of 2015 has prompted big publishing to build and expand warehouse space for print books. But it isn’t just the precipitous decline in sales that is

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Have Men Ended Their Love Affair With Books?

Photo of a man reading a book as part of the #ManReads campaign.

Whatever happened to lads’ lit? Why don’t men read books by women? And how do we change the fact that many men haven’t picked up a book since school, asks Chris Moss. Think of a man. Think of a book. What do you see? A shiny sci-fi novel? Crime, or horror perhaps? A “how to”

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Is Technology Killing or Kindling a Love of Reading?

Girl reading a book. Creative commons attribution.

Read whatever you want, whatever you feel like reading, wherever you feel like reading, but read. Read for God’s sake as it will make you a better person. It will teach you how to handle different situations. And it will provide you advice on your own problems. “Technologies certainly do create cultural phenomenon, whether for

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Ebook Sales Decline Following Amazon Change

Amazon kindle image courtesy of Wall Street Journal.

WSJ: When the world’s largest publishers struck e-book distribution deals with Inc. over the past several months, they seemed to get what they wanted: the right to set the prices of their titles and avoid the steep discounts the online retail giant often applies. But in the early going, that strategy doesn’t appear to

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