New $10,000 Digital Literature Award

Queensland Literary Award have announced their shortlists for 2016.

The Queensland Literary Awards has introduced a new digital literature award. The prize which is worth $10,0000 is sponsored by the Queensland University of Technology. This Award is open to all original works of digital literature (e.g. fiction, non-fiction, poetry, graphic narrative) which are created for digital consumption.

Queensland’s minister for innovation, science and the digital economy, Leeanne Enoch, said the award was designed to showcase innovation in publishing with ‘Queensland [being] one of the global centres of innovation in digital writing and publishing, making this new prize a perfect addition to the major literary awards of our state.’ The awards are presented by State Library of Queensland for published and unpublished work.

Digital Literature Award

The QUT Digital Literature Award showcases innovation and creativity in storytelling for digital media, and new directions in contemporary literary practice informed by technology.

Eligibility criteria

All nominations for the QUT Digital Literature Award must meet the following criteria to be eligible:

Nominated works must be

First published or publically released and available to public audiences between (and including) 01 June 2016 and 31 May 2017.

First published in English.

Original literary or narrative artistic work.

Works that are primarily infotainment, principally designed for education/training, marketing and promotional campaigns or branding are not eligible.

Designed to be read/viewed/experienced on the web or mobile, tablet or digital device

Text-only prose narratives that have been converted to a screen-format without designing for interactive features or digital contexts (e.g. standard text-only e-books) are not eligible.

Authors/creators must be

Australian citizens or permanent residents of Australia (for a minimum period of three years prior to the closing date for nominations).

At least 18 years of age, or provide consent from a parent or guardian to nominate.

Living at the date of nomination.

Other award information

Works that demonstrate innovation and creativity in storytelling, combined use of media or interactive features will be highly regarded.

Works of co-authorship or that are co-produced are eligible. Co-authorship is defined as joint responsibility by two or more authors for the entire work. If the winning nomination is a co-authored or co-produced work, all eligible authors and producers will receive the award and share equally the prize money.

Judges reserve the right to deem a work ineligible against the criteria.

Some examples of the types of works which may be eligible for this Award include:

Interactive fiction, hypertext fiction or poetry, digital poetry

Literary apps

Immersive transmedia narratives incorporating digital platforms

Stories that take the form of Facebook posts, text messages, or Tweets

Literary performances online that demonstrated new ways of writing

Narrative-driven interactive games that demonstrate original approaches to storytelling

Some examples of works which are likely to be considered ineligible include:

Standard text-only e-books

Standard-format film or TV drama series distributed on streaming services

Transmedia advertising or branding campaigns

Submitting your nomination

Nominations must be submitted in line with the requirements outlined in the ‘How to submit your nomination’ section. This includes an online form, and in place of a book or manuscript, submit a URL where the work can be read/viewed or instructions for accessing the work on a digital device by email to