Why Are Our Beta Readers So Picky?

Are you looking to find a beta reader?

Trying to find a good beta reader is harder than you think.. Each month we receive a large number of requests from authors looking to hire beta readers for their novel or non-fiction book. In an ideal world we would read each and every manuscript and give it a five star rating. But since our

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Looking for Australian Beta Readers?

Writerful Books is an author services and editing company based in Australia that provides beta reading, book editing services and manuscript assessments for Australian authors.

Writerful Books is an author services company based in Melbourne, Australia that provides beta readers as well as editing services for Australian authors. Our professional beta readers will analyse your manuscript carefully before it is edited (new writers should have their book edited first) and provide you with constructive criticism focusing on the flow, characterisation,

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Why Free Beta Readers Can Come at a Cost

Free beta readers can come at a cost.

New and unpublished authors will often hire beta readers to receive a comprehensive critique before submitting their manuscript to a publisher or self-publishing. The beta reader’s job is to read the manuscript as an actual reader would and present feedback on what works and what doesn’t, any styling or structural issues, plot holes or issues

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