Publisher Charges Fee to Submit a Manuscript

Submit a manuscript.

Sean O’Keeffe, publisher of Liberties Press in Dublin, Ireland has announced that the publisher have started charging €100 for manuscript submissions that haven’t been submitted by a reputable literary agent. O’Keeffe justified his position by saying that “there are approximately 100,000 new books published in English every year, with a further 600,000 self-published – many

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Writers on Getting Published

Writers face may struggles such as getting published and writer's block.

Getting published. It’s the proverbial carrot, the finish line, the one milestone that might convince your parents that choosing a career as a writer wasn’t a huge mistake. Almost every aspiring writer dreams of the day that they can walk into a bookstore and see their own name on the cover of a shiny new

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Getting Published With Submit Saturday

Getting published is easier with Wednesday Blurb which is accepting book proposals and manuscript submissions.

Ready to Submit? We are looking for new writers from Australia, Britain (UK) and Ireland. To facilitate this we have created a streamlined manuscript submission process called Submit Saturday to encourage Australian, British and Irish writers to submit their unsolicited manuscripts to us. If your goal is to have your book published we would love

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Why Choose Our Book Publishing Services?

Book publishing services.

Writerful Books provides a range of book publishing services for authors seeking assistance in getting published. In addition to manuscript assessments and a range of editing services we can work with you on a strategy for the successful completion of your writing project and having your book published. W are passionate about book publishing and

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