Indie Book Awards 2017 Shortlist

Indie Book Awards 2017

Australian independent booksellers have announced the Shortlist for The Indie Book Awards 2017. The Indie Book Awards, as chosen by independent booksellers, members of Leading Edge Books, reward and promote excellence in Australian writing. Their love of books, knowledge and passion for Australian stories play indispensable role in keeping Australian publishing and culture alive. The

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Writers on Getting Published

Writers face may struggles such as getting published and writer's block.

Getting published. It’s the proverbial carrot, the finish line, the one milestone that might convince your parents that choosing a career as a writer wasn’t a huge mistake. Almost every aspiring writer dreams of the day that they can walk into a bookstore and see their own name on the cover of a shiny new

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WA Premier’s Book Awards Shortlist 2016

Literary awards and literary prizes.

The Western Australian Premier’s Book Awards finalists have been announced by the WA Minister for Culture and the Arts, John Day. The awards were inaugurated by the Western Australian Government in 1982 to honour and celebrate the literary achievements of Western Australian writers. Until 1990 they were called the WA Week Literary Awards. They are

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Kim Kelly on the Stories That Shaped Her Writing

Kim Kelly is an Australian author who has published four books.

Kim Kelly is the author of six novels, all lorikeet-coloured tales about Australia, its heritage and its people. An editor and literary consultant by trade, stories fill her everyday – and most nights, too. Can you tell us some more about yourself, Kim? I’m a book editor in ‘real’ life and have been for twenty

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Read Like a Writer

Quotes about authors, books and writing.

Read like a writer. Writing is a series of choices, so it’s important to approach a text as a series of choices and problem-solving solutions made by the author. Narrative design is the art of perception. By unpacking narrative design through reading, and rereading, we reveal not only an author’s way of seeing and thinking

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Paul Dalgarno on His Memoir

Paul Dalgarno is the author of a memoir called 'And You May Find Yourself'.

Paul Dalgarno is a Melbourne-based author and journalist. He writes mainly about people, including himself, and sometimes sings. His book – And You May Find Yourself – was published by Sleepers Publishing in September 2015. You certainly have had a very interesting life. Could you tell us a little more about yourself? I’ve lived a

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