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Welcome to Writerful Books. Our mission is assisting emerging writers in getting published. We provide a range of author services such as beta reading, editing services and manuscript assessments to give our authors the best chance of signing a book deal with a major publisher or exploring other options such as self-publishing.

Book publishers no longer have the resources or staff they once had to see a book through the various levels of editing and expect manuscripts to be professionally edited before they receive them. Submitting an unpolished manuscript to a publisher will increase the likelihood of it being rejected or languishing in some slush pile.

We have helped authors from Australia, Canada, Ireland, the UK and USA write better books and secure publishing deals. We encourage you to compare our book editing rates with similar book editing companies and then to make your decision. We want your writing to be published and your book to reach as many readers as possible. The bottom line is that your success is also our success.

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