Kindle Instant Previews

Kindle Instant Book Previews allows customers to read previews of kindle books anywhere for free.

Amazon has launched a new widget called Kindle Instant Previews which allows authors, publishers and Amazon associates to embed samples of books onto their websites and blog pages allowing the customer to read a preview of the book anywhere for free. This simple widget allows authors and publishers to increase views of their books and potentially increase their sales by placing a sample of the book directly onto their website rather than having potential readers go to the Amazon page to read a sample of the book.


Kindle Instant Previews can be embedded on the web or shared as a link via email, text and other favorite apps. Anyone can start reading the preview for free by clicking on the link. Click here for more information.

• Free content to keep traffic on your site
• Free access to a sample of the book
• Adjustable font sizes for the readers’ comfort
• Direct link to book purchase from Amazon
• Download link to get the free Kindle app

There are a couple of limitations in that not every book is available to preview and there is no functionality for readers to send a sample to their kindle or device so they don’t have to read the sample on a desktop computer. Overall this new tool should not only further assert Amazon’s dominance over the e-book market but should offer authors and publishers another way to help them increase views of their books.

Try it below with a sample of The Fine Print of Self-Publishing.