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Where can I have my book reviewed?

Writerful Books is currently offering free book reviews for authors within chosen genres. Book reviews provide authors with a proven way to increase their discoverability and online presence. It has been shown that an in-depth and honest book review can result in increased book sales and also be a boost to your author platform. People buy books on the strength of honest reviews and trusted recommendations rather than hype.

Tell me more about your book review service?

We are based in Melbourne, Australia (but originally from the British Isles) so our focus is very much on Australian as well as American, British, Canadian and Irish authors. Our area of expertise is literary fiction, commercial fiction, non-fiction and memoirs from these countries. We are always on the lookout for literary gems and outliers so are keen to review books published by independent publishers in Australia, America, Britain (UK), Canada and Ireland.

We strive to be as honest as possible in our book reviews. A book will be given a five star review if its amazing and blows us away and a one star review if its amateurish and poorly written. We accept both traditionally published books as well as self published books.

What if I receive a bad review?

When it comes to reviews we are reluctant to remove or alter any comments perceived to be negative. Indulging in negative feedback is not our style and we sincerely want all books and their authors to succeed. In deference to future readers of your book, if we feel that your story has development or style issues, two dimensional characters or weak dialogue, these issues will be brought to the reader’s attention in order for them to make an informed decision before buying the book.

What types of books do you review?

At this time we are only accepting book requests from authors of literary fiction, contemporary and historical fiction with a strong Australian, British or Irish element. We do not wish to receive other types of genre fiction such as erotica, fantasy, or (paranormal) romance and Young Adult (YA) books or manuscripts containing offensive material. We reserve the right to refuse to review any book. Acceptance of any book either electronically or in the post does not imply any contractual obligations to review the book.

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Will I have to pay to have my book reviewed?

We usually charge $49 to read and review unsolicited books but we will be reviewing certain books for FREE for a limited time. If we decide to review your book, the review will appear on Writerful Books as well as Goodreads, Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Due to the change in Amazon policy we no longer do reviews there. If we think your book is exceptional we may invite you to participate in an author interview.

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Where do I send my book to be reviewed?

Manuscripts and digital review copies (digital galleys) can be sent as MOBI or PDF files. Printed advance review copies (ARC’s) can also be sent to us. You will be notified when your book or manuscript is received and we’ve decided to review it. Generally book reviews take three weeks from the time payment has been received.

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