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Writerful Books provides book editing services for authors looking to hire an editor for structural editing, line editing, copy editing or proofreading a manuscript. We highly recommend that your work is edited and proofread by a book editor BEFORE you submit a manuscript to a publisher.

Many new writers don’t fully appreciate the difference between copy editing and line editing, let alone the effect an editor can have on a book’s success. Appreciating these differences can save you time and money as well as help you communicate more effectively with the editor before they begin editing your manuscript.

Editing & Proofreading Services

– Structural editing focuses on the whole book level
– Line editing focuses on the paragraph and sentence level
– Copy editing focuses on the word and punctuation level
– Proofreading focuses on the accuracy of all edits

Structural Editing

Structural editing is the most involved stage of the editing process. A structural editor is usually the first port of call for an author even if they self edit their own work. A structural editor will work closely with the author to establish an author’s goals and expectations for their project. Once they have been clarified, the structural editor will begin working on the manuscript. The job of the structural editor is to focus on the content or structure as a whole by identifying the strengths and weaknesses in the story as opposed to the writing itself.

Structural editing takes a macro view of the manuscript as opposed to a copy editor who looks at things from a micro perspective. It is important that a structural editor sees the bigger picture and works closely with the author to realise his or her vision. The editor’s job is not to rewrite the book for the author but to help the author deliver the best writing they possibly can. The main areas a structural editor will focus on are characterisation, dialogue, flow, pace, plot, point of view (POV) and the major themes within the story.

Structural Editing Rates:

0.024c AUD per word (0.013 GBP or 0.017 EUR)

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Line Editing

As the term line editing suggests, a line editor goes through a manuscript line by line in a very methodical and meticulous way. A line editor may have to read a manuscript several times and go through a number of different passes to ensure that it has been edited to a high standard. Line editing is the stage of editing which hones in on the more creative aspects of a manuscript such as the author’s writing style, tone and usage at the sentence and paragraph level.

The job of a line editor is not to identify errors within the manuscript but to focus on how the author uses language to effectively communicate the story to the reader. Their role is more than just ‘cutting the fat’ by ensuring that the author uses words with economy and flair to make the story come alive on the page. A good line editor can mean the difference between being an amateur writer with a mediocre book that wasn’t fully realised and a professional author with a best-selling book the gets the recognition it deserves.

Line Editing Rates:

0.02c AUD per word (0.011 GBP or 0.014 EUR)

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Copy Editing

A copy editor is primarily concerned with the mechanics of language such as fixing and correcting grammar, spelling, and punctuation issues to ensure accuracy and consistency. Copy editors are tasked with making sure the writing submitted to them adheres to the conventions of the English language, and insist on proper word usage as well as suggesting alternatives to any awkward phrases or lazy writing found within the manuscript.

The job of a copy editor is to highlight and fix the components that make up sentences, focusing on the smallest details rather than the bigger picture. Copy editing works at the word and punctuation level but can also focus on individual elements within the story such as making sure that details and descriptions remain consistent throughout the text, adhering to a particular style guide or a house style, fact-checking, continuity, historical accuracy and flagging potential copyright issues.

Copy Editing Rates:

0.016c AUD per word (0.009 GBP or 0.011 EUR)

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Once the manuscript has been edited, a proof of the manuscript is sent to the proofreader. The job of the proofreader is to spot any typographical and grammatical errors or anything else which may have been missed by the copy editor. The proofreader can also focus on formatting issues and design and layout of the book. A proofreader is usually the last opportunity for any final changes that need to be made to the manuscript before it is printed or published as an e-book.

Proofreading Rates:

0.012c AUD per word (0.007 GBP or 0.009 EUR)

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We offer affordable editing services to authors within Australia (Brisbane, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney), in all major centres in Ireland (Cork, Belfast, Derry, Dublin, Galway, Waterford) and the UK (Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Sheffield) and the US. Our book editors edit fiction as well as non-fiction. We can tailor our editing services to match your requirements. Editing will only commence once a client agreement form has been signed and costs agreed upon.

We also offer discounts to authors requiring multiple levels of editing!

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