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Writerful Books offers a friendly and reliable manuscript assessment service for unpublished writers within Australia, Ireland, UK and USA seeking a professional manuscript appraisal. If you are in the process of writing a book and require your manuscript to be assessed, our editors can offer you practical assistance to help unlock your book’s potential by uncovering any areas in the manuscript which need development.

Why Choose Our Manuscript Assessment Service?

► A manuscript assessment will greatly increase your chances of being signed by a literary agent and having your book published.

► Our manuscript assessment service will provide you with expert guidance to further your writing goals.

► 58% of our clients are repeat customers or come from referrals.

It is common for new writers to give their manuscripts to family and friends for it to be critiqued. In our opinion going on the cheap can actually hinder writers and lead them into a false sense of security when they receive high praise from their well-meaning mother and best friends. A systematic manuscript assessment service can vastly improve your chances of getting published. Our aim is to give your manuscript the treatment it deserves.

When you hire an editor to undertake a manuscript assessment we will work with you personally to ensure your manuscript shines before you submit it to a publisher. We can identify key strengths and weaknesses in your manuscript and offer valuable feedback on plot, characterisation, and the overall flow of the manuscript to ensure its consistency with a detailed report of recommendations to improve your manuscript.

Our manuscript service can be tailored to meet the unique needs of unpublished writers such as yourself, and writers who are hoping to get signed by a major publisher or even seeking representation from a literary agent. We can advise you where to send an unsolicited manuscript once a manuscript assessment has been completed and it is ready to be submitted to a publisher.

Writerful Books’ comprehensive manuscript appraisal was exactly what I needed to take my work to the next level.

Declan’s thoughtful comments and practical advice helped me pinpoint issues with my characters, structure and style that I wouldn’t have picked up myself.

I’m very happy with the constructive criticism I received, and now feel more optimistic about the future of my book.

Thanks again!

Liljana Frey

How to Hire an Editor for an Appraisal

Our field of expertise is in contemporary (realistic fiction), historical fiction, literary fiction, narrative non-fiction and memoirs. We don’t assess academic books, children’s books, cookbooks, poetry, plays, scripts, self-help books, sports books, travel books, or well-being books. If your fiction or non-fiction book is within our field of expertise, use the form below to submit your manuscript for appraisal.

Manuscripts should be submitted as a single Microsoft Word document, with a clearly recognisable file name (usually the book title) in size 12 Times New Roman Font, 1.5 line-spaced and all pages numbered. We require a synopsis with your manuscript (under 500 words). If you are submitting multiple manuscripts, each manuscript is regarded as a separate submission. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that permission has been granted for any copyrighted images or if other works are quoted from extensively.

You can also send your manuscript to us by mail or email us to discuss the service you require. Once your manuscript requirements and a fee are agreed upon we will send you a Manuscript Assessment Agreement Form along with payment details. Work will not begin on your manuscript until the form and payment have been received by us. No copies of your work will be made or retained and all rights remain with the author.

Our manuscript assessment service involves analysing your manuscript through careful close-reading, examining the structure, strengths and weaknesses of characters and plot, narrative, consistency, continuity, syntax and style to identify areas of your writing which need to be polished.

We provide a report to you by email approximately 4-6 weeks after the submission of your manuscript and will confirm a deadline with you once the manuscript is received.

As a guideline, our reports are generally 2,000 to 3,000 words depending on the type of manuscript you are submitting. Services can be negotiated in advance and tailored to suit your needs.

I am happy with the advice you have provided, it is practical and identifies real areas on how I can improve it further. Seems I underestimated how “ready” the manuscript is and may explain why there has been a lot of rejection.

~ Ryan Davis

Manuscript Assessment Fees

*Manuscript assessment fees are $65 AUD (€45 EUR or £40 GBP) per 10,000 words with a base rate of $195 AUD (€135 EUR or £120 GBP) for manuscripts up to 30,000 words.

For example:

Up to: 30,000 words is $195 AUD (€135 EUR or £120 GBP)

60,000 words is $390 AUD (€270 EUR or £240 GBP)

90,000 words is $585 AUD (€405 EUR or £360 GBP)

The manuscript assessment service does not include proofreading or copy editing. We offer substantial discounts to writers who receive a manuscript assessment and wish to hire an editor for copy editing or proofreading as an additional service.

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